The Gift of Youth

I love the city of Philadelphia.  I hate the sports teams….all of them.  But the city is great.  There’s a strong sense of community.  Fantastic venues.  Really tasty food.  Not only is it rad, but it holds the distinct title of the being the city of my birth.  Safe to say I’ve always had a soft spot for Philly bands.

Tonight’s noise comes to you via Philadelphia and New Jersey.  Young Statues is the the brain child of singer Carmen Cirignano.  He took his ideas on a road trip to Athens, Georgia where he and a few friends began recording songs.  Those song structures came back to NJ, where they were molded into what I have now been playing non-stop for the past few days.  Young Statues is the type of debut that demands a second and third listen.  I was shocked that it was the bands first record.  There’s not a ton of shimmer and shine, or obnoxious perfection here. It’s nothing more than a sturdy debut from a band with dangerous potential.

Young Statues boast a confident record collection.  There’s a touch of Dawes.  A nod to Nada Surf.  There’s the obvious love of Death Cab For Cutie.  Yet amidst all that influence there’s a fresh, new band begging for the spotlight.  The harmonies click and soar, the guitars crest and crash and while the angst and heartbreak gets a tad repetitive, never once throughout the records eleven tracks are there many moments of boredom.

This record sounds like moment when things come together.  Cold weather.  Warm lips.  Foggy glasses.  Enjoy.


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