Gang Mentality

Here’s a happy story for you on this lovely Christmas day-afternoon.  Los Angeles’s Grouplove came together as organically as their name suggests. Imagine what your music would sound like if you and your artist friends packed up and left Manhattan for the Greek island of Crete.  While attending a summer art residency you meet the rest of your would-be band mates while painting and enjoying the best things a foreign coast has to offer.  The resulting sound would come from a place of peace, love and understanding.  Enter Grouplove.

This bands power comes from their ability to channel that spirit of packing up and hitting the road.  Maybe you end up around the globe, or maybe at your grandma’s for a long weekend.  Either way, the sound is meant for that exploration.  At first listen you’d think the band is striving for some sort of indie-folk perfection like Arcade Fire.  Good thing it’s way too much of a mess for that.  That sloppiness is why I love it so much.  There’s punk in this sunshiny mess, like a boy-girl channeling of Frank Turner with a hookah, and it’s a blast.

Be sure to check out their fantastic album, Never Trust a Happy Song.  Enjoy.  Thanks for reading and happy holidays.


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