The Ghostly Parts

The Doppelgangaz are a team from NYC doing things the rough and gritty way of the upstart mc.  They’re not with anybody, cause’ nobody is with them…not even their own mothers.  And although they’re as volatile as Walter Lee Younger, they’re as smooth as Billy Dee.  They craft hard tracks by pairing razor-sharp viscous raps, with heady, forward production that reminds me of Cincinnati’s Hi-Tek sprinkled with a little Ski-Beatz.

They represent all things NY, evident in their fantastic hometown videos.  If there’s an award for creepy and absurd outfits, the Doppelgangaz take the cake with the black cloaks over top of baggy cargos, skateboard tees and Jordans.  MC’s EP and Matter OV Fact manage to stomp out any and all doubt after a mere fifteen seconds from any track on Lone Sharks their tremendous debut.  If you don’t feel “At Night”, you’re reading the wrong blog.

This record snaps and pops like the golden age from front to back, but doesn’t wallow in the glimmer of the past.  It rips through right now with a DIY feel that’s finally getting some shine amongst critics and fans who stepped away from the magazines a few years ago and put their fucking ears to the pavement.  Pour out a little….rubbing alcohol?!?!?


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