Ultimately Independent


Nothing beats a solid crew.  Team dynamic is what makes hip hop so fantastic.  Just mash-up a bunch of mc’s and let them develop into some weird musical superpower of styles and personalities paging wu-tang.  There’s really nothing better.  California’s Living Legends is the epitome of rap Voltron.  The nine man collective has sold a ton of records the last few years with nothing but hustle behind them.

Living Legend Eligh’s recent release Therapy at 3 is a testament to what he knows best…hip hop and Los Angeles.  His mind goes on and on over top of dizzying west coast confusion courtesy of Amp Live from Zion I.  The record sounds like a personal project with unlimited freedom, jazzy and heavy as one.  Eligh’s rapid, start-stop flow is similar to Atlanta’s Big Boi.  The mix is something that works well.

He’s experienced enough to understand how to take the listener on a ride rather than waste time boring us.  On Therapy at 3 you’re climbing into a passenger side space odyssey.  There’s a ton of Dilla influence on this too.

I’ll admit, the chorus of this one didn’t catch me, but the verses and visuals certainly do.  See for yourself.

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