The Science of Sound

Woods could be part of the Harlem Renaissance.  If the Harlem Renaissance took place in Brooklyn or was centered around ironic indie-folk dudes fitted in tiny plaid shirts.  Seriously though, what the fuck is in that BK water?  Bands sprout up right and left.  While a handful are decidedly awful, even by my vague and biased standards, the general heft of the lot are most certainly not.

Woods has a very off-center aesthetic to their art.  It’s odd and angular.   They seemed dialed into the slacker rock schtick of the early nineties.    That’s not to say these dudes have the chops of Doug Martsch or the pipes of Isaac Brock, but they’re sort of  making a name for themselves on the strength of their love for Built To Spill and Modest Mouse.  Their last two records (they’ve recorded six full lengths and an EP) At Echo Lake and Sun and Shade are great places to get acquainted with these merry weirdos.

If you don’t dig up an old pavement tape after one listen to “Death Rattles”, there’s probably something wrong with you.  Enjoy and as my ER nurse said a thousand times early this morning…happy Wednesday!


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