It’s not so bad…

If I was getting a grade for this blog thing, I’d be failing.  I’d be on academic probation.  But since I have six years and two degrees under my belt, I really don’t have to answer to anyone.  But since you’re wondering…I’ve been out of town, no computer access.  No real need to dial in.  But I’ve missed you all dearly.  That being said, this past Friday, Black Friday for all you maniac bargain hunters, was also record store day.  I took my modest record allowance and went hunting in Rochester NY.  I hit up Lake Shore Records and The Bop Shop, two indie record stores that were participating in this years event.

I copped a Flying Lotus full length and a limited edition Ryan Adams 7″.  My prized catch this year is a pretty rad 12″ by The Black Keys.  It’s a reverse single that plays from the center of the record out.  Strange.  And since my record player likes to fight with me on a regular basis, getting the record to play at all was a challenge.  If you’re familiar with The Black Keys you know what you’re getting yourself into.  Their brand of damaged, basement punk-blues doesn’t sound like anybody else.  The White Stripes were too cutesy, and all these other two-man bands just seem to wallow in the noise that The Black Keys branded their own four records ago.

The single comes their upcoming El Camino record due in stores on December 6th.  The sound is where it’s always been.  Stomping rhythm drenched with vintage amped guitars, soaked in that trademark howl.  This one sounds like there’s a carnival organ in there just for shits.  The Black Keys figured out a formula so sweet it works every time.  Any record of theirs is a great place to start.  Do some homework.

My boy has all the moves…


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