Medium Rare


Part chef, part ice-cold Queens mc, part weed connoisseur, Action Bronson is tough to label.  He’s got a ridiculously confident flow, which batters your eardrums with clever food metaphors, sticky green dreams and homages to his famously lyrical borough.  The dude is hilarious, yet not a joke.  Take a listen to his debut record, Dr. Lecter, or his dead serious cooking lessons, “Action in the kitchen” on youtube.  It seems like when Action does something, he does it one hundred and ten percent.

It’s only fitting that Well Done the result of his recent collaboration with Boston mega-Dj/producer Statik Selektah is pure fire.  Statik’s style is so east coast it hurts.  His heavy beats pound.  They’re laced with chopped and scratched vocal samples that put you in a time machine.  When you open your eyes you’re back in 97′.  It feels like Premier in his prime, and I can’t get enough.  I never thought a NYC/Boston pairing would ever, ever make sense to me… but leave it to these two to make it work.

Action can’t duck the Ghostface comparisons, and in all honesty I felt the same the first time I heard him.  But listen closely, if you can ignore the similarities in the pitch of their voices, you’ll see they couldn’t be more contrasting.  Action raps about what he knows, and that’s good weed, tasty food and weaving his way through the Queens streets he calls home.  Nothing’s changed on Well Done.  Action stays true to form, bragging and boasting throughout the records 15 tracks.  Statik keeps the beats sharp and hard as hell.  If you’re of the era I’m from, you won’t be able to deny a record this fresh.


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