They’ve Got a Secret…

I remember when the Rapture and El Guapo started pumping bass into the crowd.  Kids at shows were used to the storming and stomping of pure hardcore.  Something cool happened when the rhythm started snaking its way from body to body.   The hardcore kids loosened their bandanas and started tapping their feet.  In no time there were dance floors where the mosh pits used to be.  I’m not bashing heavy music.  I love it.  In fact, sometimes it’s the only thing that makes sense in my head…but other times, when the sun is out and there’s a cold beer nearby, there’s just no space for the doom and the gloom.

Fucked Up are a tremendously talented Canadian hardcore band.  They write epic tunes that swell and burst, the kind of songs that a crowd can live and die by.  But way back in 2007, Fucked Up’s guitarist Ben Cook had a feeling.  It must have been a sunny and supremely perfect day in Toronto.  Maybe there was a Get Up Kids record playing on repeat, or the Buzzcocks kept shuffling on the ipod?  Maybe he was a little burned out by the noise of his current band and was longing for the energy of punk rock?  Either way, Marvelous Darlings was born.

Marvelous Darlings is an unexpected blast of energy.  It’s poppy without being annoying and just loud enough to silence the punk purists.  I’ve played “Teenage Targets” about ten times this morning.  It’s a blast.  “I’ll Stand By Her” is a standout that sounds like a gem from the days of CBGB’s, complete with a jangly hook and a blistering solo.  Keep your eyes peeled for Single Life, a collection of out of print 7″ vinyl releases on Deranged Records.  It’s on itunes now.

Check it out.

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