black dogs

gothenburg, sweden…thank you? i didn’t think i’d ever compare any contemporary band to led zeppelin, one of the greatest and most powerful rock and roll bands in history, but a band from gothenburg, sweden? no way. graveyard has me baffled tonight. they’re loud, expertly skilled and dialed in. they unabashedly wear their influences on their sleeve, but none of that matters. they actually remind me of led zeppelin. and i’m impressed by their bag of tricks.

maybe it’s a gimmick? i can’t call it. i do know this, “ain’t fit to live here” is a monster record complete with howling vocals, raging riffs and a killer rhythm section that stomps up one side of you and stares down the other. hisingen blues, graveyard’s terrific second album is a throwback to the classics. it’s heavy on the blues (see “the siren”) and mixes in a few odd touches of the darkside like “buying truth”, a nod to the reckless and bold prince of strange, ozzy ozbourne. i dig graveyard because they know what they like and they come to play. it’s creepy, fuzzy, and utterly fantastic. head to itunes and buy this record, it’s worth the cash.

see what i mean?


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