patiently waiting

pac div might be the grand daddies of the west coast hipster hip hop movement. the cool thing is, they don’t give a fuck what you call them. they’ve been grinding it out since 2006’s excellent debut, sealed for freshness: the blend tape. they’ve bounced around from scene to scene, toured their asses off and continued to stay true to their roots-based west coast sound which is all about heavy bass and stripped down samples. most importantly pac div have managed to do things on their own terms.

pav div remind me why west coast hip hop is such a nice change of pace from the grind of the east. the music floats and breezes. it’s always sunny on the left coast.  there’s a ton of talent and promise here, yet their debut record grown kid syndrome, is still a mystery, as there’s no release date. the southern cali trio consisting of mibbs, like and be young, find themselvs on the road with mac miller this winter doing things awfully DIY for a group on a major major like univeral records.

this years tape, mania, pairs pac div with dj don cannon. it’s a strong re-introduction to a crew that’s firmly planted their roots, but have had to constantly slug it out to keep their heads above the water. hip hop heads check out “supernegroes” for a bit of production brilliance…pac div take turns on the mic over a gem of a track lifting samples from rob base’s “it takes two” and n.e.r.d’s “lapdance”. this cali crew is two seconds away from the big time…for now, they’re just lurking in the shadows.

any crew spitting over “chief rocka” has got my vote.


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