face the…nope, too easy.

mickey factz represents the bronx, ny.  i recently caught his opening slot on the cole world tour 2011 and was blown away.  i’d heard a few verses here and there and a song with my boy stalley called “worldwide” off of stalley’s first tape, but in all honesty, mickey snuck under my radar.  he was chosen as one of xxl’s freshmen to watch in 2009, but he’s here now, and being fully endorsed by yours truly.  his set was live from start to finish.  warming up a crowd of a few thousand college kids who were all heavily anticipating cole couldn’t have been an easy feat, but trust me when i tell you, mickey factz was out for blood.

mickey factz is an artist poised to push boundaries. his projects seem like bigger puzzle pieces that have yet to fall into place.  his mixtapes tell stories, or rather create landscapes for the listener to travel through.  love.lust.lost is a tape that weaves heartache and passions of the flesh, while never truly landing on either side of the fence.  he’s clearly got something to say about relationships or the lack there of, factz simply dares you to figure it out.  his next project, mickey mau5, is the story of a young artist watching and idolizing some of the greats like warhol and basquiat while bombing train cars and ducking transit police in nyc.  the samples are coming from dangermouse and deadmau5, but the sound will remain entirely mickey.

factz’s flow is strictly new york.  there’s an agitated edge and urgent cadence to his speech that reminds me why there is no doubt the east coast has always been the hot bed of hip hop.  i’m glad i caught mickey last night.  his solid performance led me to his mixtapes.  the mixtapes exposed me to a talented young mc, ready to dominate.


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