pass it to the left…

bet award cyphers are worth little more than bragging rights. but in the world of hiphop they’re everything. a forth quarter touchdown, a gold medal by a tenth of a point, a box office blockbuster…they’re massive. crew cut of the year (thus far) goes to shady 2.0 at the bet awards.

yelawolf is up first. this guy is the jeff foxworthy of rap. he’s clever and uncut, and he might be a little corny. but is anyone as nasty as he is? his verse leaves you wanting more, but its just heavy enough to remind us that there are plenty of white rappers on the radar. few are worthy. joe budden takes the second shift. his monotone flow rambles and gathers steam as his bars unfold. joe rips david stern, dead hookers and michael rapport. any and all end up in budden’s crosshairs.

crooked-i is a heavy-weight indie spitter. he feels no pain and shouts out big l, the west coast and vegans while he rides the eerie beat at what sounds like a millions syllables a second. next is joell ortiz, who might be the funniest mc since big pun. this brooklyn mc isn’t playing games while chopping down skinny jeans, referring to his shady comrades as a bunch of hakeem dream-teamers.

for no apparent reason, royce spends the first half of his verse discussing an imaginary courtship of rihanna. his detroit snarl is second only to his boss, marshall mathers. royce goes hardest when he’s got competition. he’s always had the know-how to balance out funny one-liners with venomous insults, and the proof is here.

eminem has nothing left to prove, so why is it that on this one he’s got a sour taste in his mouth like it’s the early 2000’s? nothing’s sacred. casey anthony, abortion, yelawolf’s redneck image… it’s all up for grabs as em makes more syllable combinations than the dictionary.

my head spun when i saw this video. this is exaclty why i’m still listening to hiphop. there was a time when this genre was about crews. there used to be an importance put on the strength of the posse and the cut. who was fucking with tribe after scenario came out? nobody, that’s who. if there’s a crew more lyrical, mmg included, prove it. there’s a comment button, use it.

now check this one out.


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