everything else is boring

naeem juwan’s alter ego, spank rock, is an enigma. spank’s seizure-inducing dance/hiphop fusion isn’t your run of the mill 2livecrew journey into nastiness. instead, it’s crafted with the same sort of energy, complete with references to sweaty body parts and morals stripped bare, but there’s a brain behind it. there’s also an mc here, dishing out brags and boasts like kanye west sliding down a soul train dance line, with groupies grinding each thigh. it’s m.i.a minus the nonsense, dizzee rascal if he turned down the grime and let the beat ride. this shit is meant for partying like every night is your birthday. spank rock is here to play, whether you like it or not.

things changed for spank rock upon meeting mega dj, diplo. diplo pointed spank in the right direction, helping him craft his bass-heavy trademark and linking him up with london’s famous ninja tune label. the result was 2006’s yoyoyoyoyo, spanks terrifically odd debut. tours and guest appearances followed with artists like beck, the beasties and mark ronson. though not a sound hand-spun for radio, spank’s raucous live show has put him on the map, and rightfully so.

late september saw the release of everything is boring and everyone is a fucking liar. spank pulls no punches on this record. he sharpened his skills on the mic and delicately chose his production team to bring the album to life. there’s a little something for everyone here, as long as everyone is ok with dancing. the beats and synths pound, yet beneath the glamour of the 4 on the floor house rhythms, there’s a rapper spinning a tale of life after the hype. #1 hit and turn it off are monster records. they’re the sound of an artist coming to terms with the height at the top of the ladder. let this record rip your headphones apart, and if you don’t like it, you’re lying. or you’re boring.



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