little mr. sunshine

ryan adams is a lot like the weather. he’s hot and cold. i’ve been a fan for a long, long time and i never know what to expect from record to record. you might get the alt-country rocker, the lonely crooner, the punk or maybe the country strummer. but when a ryan adams record is clicking, you get a little dash of each sprinkled into one of his cluttered masterpieces.

his newest effort, ashes & fire is a delicate record, clearly born from the bite of love. he’s deep in it, and it’s lovely. there are touches of the quiet storm of jacksonville city nights, the bright side of easy tiger and the heavyweight song-writing chops of cold roses. adams is back to basics throughout. the songs are stripped down and gorgeous from the ballads to the gentle rockers. adams seems to be most comfortable with an acoustic guitar in his hands, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

thank you mandy moore. the most unlikely pairing of all time has provided ryan adams with a muse, a romantic shove towards the prolific writing of his earlier days. it’s interesting to watch ryan adams as his career progresses because there’s no telling what he might do or where he’s going next. if ashes & fire is any indication, he’s staying hungry and fresh and that’s welcomed, to say the least.


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