show stopper

lizzy grant stepped into a phone booth in new york city and when she stepped out, she was lana del rey. who knew moody pop music could be so much fun? to be honest, her single “blue jeans”, made me instantly fall in love. it doesn’t hurt that she makes everything easier on the eyes. this sultry crooner crushes hard on hip hop, and for that…she’s officially on the radar. it’s not easy to blend her style of indie-crooning with 90’s rap music. maybe it’s the purposely choppy editing of her videos or the fact that her records are packed with vintage-sounding looped samples? somehow she brings all these oddball elements together in one gorgeously chic package.

bloggers (yes, the freedom and power is in our hands) have been winding this gal up for months. admittedly i’m late to the lana del rey party, but goddamnit if she’s not worth the chatter. she’s retro cool and downright sexy. not in the strokes, dirty nyc way either. she’s sexy in a movie star, girl you won’t approach in the bar even after a few too many whiskey’s-way. imagine cat power and fiona apple as conjoined twins, freestyling on 125th in harlem…now you’re starting to get the idea.

october 16th will see the release of del rey’s debut 7″, which is merely a double a-side single for video games/blue jeans. (a 7 inch debut? i told you she was cool). it remains to be seen if there’s a place for campy lounge singers on the charts or in the hearts of fickle music fans. maybe there isn’t, but her singles-only approach is pretty intelligent given our current insatiable craving for point and click itunes buying. take it or leave it, i know where i stand. the buzz is too loud, and my eyes are glued…patiently waiting for lana’s next move.

…say you’ll remember


One thought on “show stopper

  1. I was sent a link to listen to blue jeans a few weeks ago, and was in within 30 seconds. Great sound. This chick is going to on everyone’s radar soon.

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