F*ck it, he wins.

dear jack white, you’ve been very, very good to us. you captured our ears, eyes and spirit with your stripped down take on garage, blues and punk. your mysterious side kick drummer (though not nearly as talented as you) was a cute touch. the red and white costumes were darling. your side projects were just epic enough to stay hipster cool. you left us a legacy of screeched riffs and blistering solos, and because of you and your gal pal the two car garage boom has never been busier. it seems like there are handfuls of duo’s popping up by the minute. hell, i might even start one. but you ran your course.

so here i am trolling mp3’s like a musical predator, daring my senses for a find. and who knows, i’m just a dude with high-speed wireless service. just a boring nerd with a lap top, but god damn my ear is sharp. it picks up and tunes in. i get bored with right now and i read up and listen for what’s next. sometimes you step right in it…and tonight, i did just that.

los angeles by way of san francisco you’ve handed me a gem and his name is hanni el khatib. this guy is equal parts buddy holly and jon spencer. toss in the jack white flare for dramatics and the vocal recklessness of dan auerbach and you’ve got one hell of a canvas splattered with attitude and the musical chops to match. his debut, will the guns come out is a rollercoaster of noise, ranging from the raucous “loved one” to the melancholy “wait wait wait”. if you try and pin down his sound, just wait three minutes. el khatib cuts it up and puts the pieces back together in no particular order from track to track.

this record is the soundtrack for a game of quarters with three fingers of jameson in high ball glasses. or a joyride with a carton of eggs and a baseball bat. so jack white, i’ll miss you. but with young, hungry hustlers like hanni el khatib lurking in the shadows, the hurt will be much, much less. sometimes you have to build, destroy and rebuild.


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