80s baby

dominican born, florida raised george lewis, jr goes by the name twin shadow. damned if i can figure out what it sounds like or why i love it so much. maybe it’s my (not so secret) love for 80s new wave music? there’s so much style here it hurts. and i’m just talking about george himself…wait until you push play.

layered synths on top of a basic pop rhythm section and heavy bass. it makes you want to dance, it makes you want to stay up all night. it definitely begs you to play it while everyone is coming down. twin shadow sounds like bon iver doing a cure cover. i hear the influence of all things 80s, including prince and hall and oates. but this dude isn’t a one trick pony. there’s a bit of nifty guitar work hiding in the shadows of all that bounce. i’m willing to bet twin shadow has a huge crate of r&b vinyl that gives him inspiration to press record.

forget was released in 2010 and a feature in last month’s spin mag revealed twin shadow is working on album number two. he’s also on the road this fall with diamond rings. pick up the record but don’t be surprised if you break into your very own 80s dance party… and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a dance party? even the punk kids love to dance.

that ‘stache is legit.


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