get what you give

it’s labor day weekend, and the season is just about over. this is the last hoorah for many of us who desperately cling to the summer as a reason to smile. today i bring you givers from lafayette, louisiana. this quirky, intelligent band have become my cure for the end of summer blues.

givers is a collection of five friends who have strengthened their musical chops throughout high school and college in and around the louisiana scene. they’ve zeroed in on a sound that’s one half pop in the vein of vampire weekend and ra ra riot and one part brainy rock that’s surprising dialed in to the likes of built to spill.

their debut, in light was released this summer on glassnote records. its a blast. givers have confidence in their sound, which relies heavily on the play between singer/instrumentalist tiffany lamson and guitarist/vocalist taylor guarisco. the duo work well within the structures of their songs, rather than outshine them. the guy/girl vocal thing either works or it’s obnoxious and givers have found the perfect blend. the music is complex while sounding light, something the band has constructed out of their love for both paul simon and nirvana. it’s the perfect way to end your summer.
i know this looks like a gap commercial…give it a minute.


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