bet the house

23-year-old clams casino, real name mike volpe, struck gold the old-fashioned way. myspace. (name) jokes aside, this kid is the brain behind some of the most spooky, sonically trippy electronic music on the internet today. i don’t love lil’ b, in fact i think he’s terrible in almost every way. his saving grace is often his instrumentals, and a few of b’s most memorable beats including “i’m god” and “motivation” have come courtesy of mr. clams casino.

clams hails from northern new jersey and makes beats like a guitarist creates a wall of sound. he layers his effects, one on top of another resulting in a whirlwind of noise that somehow makes sense in a beautiful sort of way. i hear the moody side of dj shadow mixed with the savy of today’s hiphop climate. even though clams music is packed full of samples, it sounds sparse and at times simplistic. “i’m god” and “motivation” are gorgeous beats. i can’t imagine what they would have sounded like if a true rhyme spitter had gotten their hands on them before lil’ b. even better is the fact that these beats stand alone, without any mc at all.

clams latest project is an instrumental record called rainforest ep. it’s a sonic blast of creativity, great for headphones or drives alone. find it, download it, buy it.  something tells me clams casino will be in high demand behind the boards any day now.


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