(another) new disaster

life was very different six years ago, wasn’t it? graduate school. smaller apartments. daily booze. terrible desk job. things were not entirely awful, yet hardly the type of days to write home about. it’s been six years since i am the avalanche released their fantastic self-titled debut, and just like the rest of us, things are quite different for these brooklyn boys.

i am the avalanche is fronted by ex-movielife leadman vinnie caruana. he’s handles the vocal duties and the occasional guitar part, adding a third guitar to i am the avalanches assault. if you’re familiar with the movielife, you’re familiar with their high energy melodic punk, which sounds like a mix of the bouncing souls and smoke or fire. i am the avalanche definitely has that same power and aggression, but they aren’t the movielife version 2.0. often, i am the avalanche slows it down showcase a fleshed out, more developed structure to the music. songs like “wasted” and “clean up” reveal a far more introspective lyricist than we heard with the movielife. other times, i am the avalanche lets it rip, reminding us that there are different voices trapped inside us. i am the avalanche is the sound of growing up, which can be expected from a leadman who has seen his share of ups and downs.

this october will see the release of avalanche united, i am the avalanche’s second full length record. it was written in the wake of a failed marriage while navigating the twists and turns of adulthood. in some way, we can all relate. starting october 6th, the band will head out on a national headlining tour with bayside and saves the day to spread the word. the first single, “holy fuck” is an anthem to standing up and fighting back. i love it.


One thought on “(another) new disaster

  1. Not only did that review get me amped for the new record it also made me switch up morning soundtrack at my desk. Currently rocking out to I Am The Avalanche self titled first record. Also gets me stoked for Friday night when we get to watch theMovielife rip it up one last time in NYC. Well done sir!

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