under the influence

it’s loud, jangly, guitar driven rock and roll. it’s very british. it has a massive attitude problem. tonight i bring you slough, england’s, viva brother. originally called “brother” or sometimes “brother UK”, the band was forced to change its name due to a legal battle with a celtic band from autrailia also called brother. so a name change, a major label bidding war and a couple of carefully placed interviews in big, influential british rock mags later…and here we are.

i have to admit although a bit predictable, viva brother’s debut record famous first words is a blast. if you do some research on these dudes, it’s pretty hard not to snicker at their sheer arrogance. they claim they’ve elected themselves next in line to write and deliver massive rock songs built for the radio. they also claim they’ll be headlining the glastonbury festival in the future. the terrible little cousins of liam and noel gallagher…i love it.

like it or not, viva brother accomplish what they set out to do. tracks like “electric daydream” and “new year’s day” are fantastic stadium singalongs, but it’s their single “darling buds of may” that has me pulling for them. it’s a perfect slice of britpop that’s been missing since blur’s been busy watching damon albarn draw cartoon gorillaz.

there’s no denying these kids love their hometown rock history and there’s nothing wrong with it. but lets hope they take bigger strides in the future to distance themselves from the heavy hitters of the past and bring something truly unique to this cluttered british rock and roll pot luck. because for all the hype and big talk from the press and band themselves, their debut sounds a bit too polished and lacks that edge you’d expect from a band supposedly comfortable flipping the bird to anyone who hangs a title on their sound.

its all a blur….get it? a blur.


One thought on “under the influence

  1. These guys are pretty damn good. This song is so catchy it might be one of the easiest songs that I’ve ever learned all the words in such a short time. Love to sing it! Thanks

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