boston’s other monster

you might recognize slaine from his work in la coka nostra. or from his record with the boston heavyweights, special teamz, or maybe from his roles in the movies gone baby gone or the town. i think it’s time people get to know slaine simply because he’s rising up the ranks as one of the most skilled rappers in the game. if you know his work, you can agree, this bostonian has a tough-as-nails flow and delivery that takes you back to the early 90’s when mc’s wore work boots and jeans that sagged. no colored denim and mohawks here kids. slaine’s grip on the mic leaves a trail of blood, follow it carefully and you’ll find mc’s hungry and willing to dead the laugh-worthy fashion hip hop that so frequently dominates the airwaves.

after last years leak of his world with no skies record, slaine hit the studio to record a few mixtapes and new batch of tracks. a world with no skies 2.0 is set to release this month and contains about half of the original tracks. in the meantime slaine and producer/dj statik selectah got together and crafted state of grace one of the strongest mixtapes of the year. selectah is most definitely the dj premier of beantown. his style is so east coast it hurts. there’s nothing fancy on state of grace…just drums and high hats…some vocal samples and horns. it’s raw and fantastic. it’s a mixtape for headphones and head nods. be on the lookout for a world with no skies 2.0 and support the real.

One thought on “boston’s other monster

  1. Talented, but the thought of anything coming from Boston just doesn’t sit right with me… In the words of Seth from Superbad; Have you ever seen a vagina by itself? As he shakes his head completely disgusted he quickly replies: Not for me…

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