viva la bronx!

punk rock is a genre of music that you love or hate. there’s no walking the line, no “on the fence”. you either love the noise, the energy, the general fuck-offishness of it, or you don’t. i’m not mad at you. i’ve listened to tons of punk music in my day and there’s one band that nearly rises to the top of my “punk” list each and every time i discuss the subject. LA’s the bronx are one of the most aggressive, powerful and genuine punk bands i’ve ever heard. pair their attitude with their mean live show, and you’ve got a tough act to beat. i watched them in nyc once while lead singer matt caughthran was in a leg cast. somehow he conjured the energy and spirit enough to spend the majority of the set in the crowd, with us.

so what does a great punk band do when they get bored? they create a killer mariachi band without making fun of the genre or being pretentious one bit. instead, they make authentic mariachi music that is pleasant, playful and at times more complex than anything they’ve written as the bronx. ladies and gents, this is mariachi el bronx and they’re dead serious.

they released a self-titled record in 2009 and their follow-up appropriately titled mariachi el bronx II will drop on august 2nd (the band has three records as the bronx and two as mariachi el bronx and all are self titled). you might think it’s not your thing, but there’s something so soothing about mariachi music, it’s hard not to smile.

sidenote: they opened for themselves the last time i saw them in brooklyn. mariachi el bronx was actually billed as the opening act for the bronx. classic.

you can stream the entire new record here:

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