the eagle(s) landed

los angeles breeds all sorts of interesting artists. love it or hate it LA is the epicenter of all things hip, some awesome and much awful. like any thriving music scene, LA has its share of garbage floating in their musical sea. but if you’re willing to be patient and take a shot, you’ll find a gem or two in that murky water.

dawes is a four-piece from the city of angels known for their laurel canyon sound characterized by the seventies hippy rock influence of bands like crosby stills and nash and jackson browne. if you’re not a fan of lots of harmony and very little feedback, dawes probably isn’t for you. if you get off on that throwback vibe and appreciate a band that really digs in the crates for their influences, i urge you to check out their newest record nothing is wrong.

dawes can put you to sleep with their laid-back, sunset on the rocks type sound, but in the most appreciative sort of way. nothing is wrong is the type of record made for nodding off on a blanket under an umbrella on the beach, empty beers scattered and caked in sand, with chunks of lime at the bottom. the music is crisp and well-crafted, each note and harmony tight and well-rehearsed. throughout the records 11 tracks you get the sense that dawes loves sounding as classic as they can. brothers taylor and griffin goldsmith have created something special by sounding like the bands they loved as kids, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

jeff lebowski got thrown out of a cab for saying “i’ve had a rough night, and i hate the fucking eagles, man”…ten bucks says dawes don’t feel the same.


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