the rulers are back

call it the most anticipated hip hop collaboration of the last few years. call it a vanity project for two monsters of the game. call it a waste of your time. call it whatever you want, the truth is, there aren’t two in the hip hop universe more important, polished or better at what they do…and in few weeks the world will hear what it sounds on 16 collaborative tracks called watch the throne.

jayz is arguably the best rapper breathing. i say arguably because there are lots of great rappers doing it today, but in terms of longevity, credibility, hits, sales, swagger etc…shawn carter’s reign at the top has been lengthy because he’s earned it. count the number one records. count the sold out shows. check the lady on his arm…call it like you see it.

and while you may hate kanye west for running his mouth countless times and running his ass up on stage during taylor swift’s acceptance speech (i still think that’s the best thing that’s ever happened for her career), there are few producer/rappers better than yeezy. his ear for creating audio gold is second to none. look no further than his breakthrough work on jay’s blueprint. it was his coming out party, and his work has only gotten stronger since. he pushes the boundaries of his craft and his public perception. he’s an arrogant, swollen-headed, mega-star. hate that all you want, but stack up your favorite producers and they hardly scratch the surface of what mr. west has done.

together, jay and ye will release watch the throne on august 8th. i believe we’ll have a problem on our hands. the haters will hate, they’ll claim that jay is past his prime and that kanye’s production doesn’t touch what he’s done on records back in the day…but all that won’t matter. they’re joining forces no longer as the champion mc and the upstart boy wonder producer. they’re on a level field now, sharing the spotlight and the bars. who would have thought kanye would ever trade raps with jayz and more than hold his own? mc’s, settle for watching the throne, because until you can rightfully take it, it’s not yours to keep. good luck with that.

the album is coming august 8th. here’s a taste.


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