messy perfection

the black lips new record, arabia mountain is one ive intentionally avoided for a few months. i got bored with the band after playing their last two releases to death. not only was i bored with them, i was convinced there was no where left for these guys to explore. the black lips brand of garage(y)-punky-surfy-campy-rock is a blast, but like any other band or sound, it stretches pretty thin after 5 records.

so what did these atlanta rock and rollers do to spice things up? they hired mark ronson, musician/producer extraordinaire and made one of the best records of the year. ronson adds just what you’d expect from a top-notch producer. he dabs his slick brush here and there, polishing up the sound of a band known for its grit and grime, amongst other things like onstage urination, make out sessions and the occasional vomiting fit (thanks GG allin, your contribution to the art of live performance is everlasting).

ronson does not rock the boat, he makes it a smoother ride. arabia mountain sounds like the type of record made for summertime sunshine, the beach and cold beers.  it sounds like a punk record from the early 60’s.  give it a listen and you’ll see exactly what i mean.  and do not pass up a chance to see the black lips live, just avoid the first few rows…


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