two-ring circus

if odd future represents the newest twist in the saga of west coast rap, hodgy beats is the snoop dogg to tyler the creator’s dr. dre. anyone with their eyes or ears to the music world has watched odd future’s star rise the last few months. the movement is spearheaded by tyler, the group’s creative leader. he shoots the videos, creates all the artwork and in a voltron-sense of the word, is the “head” of the wolf gang. hodgy beats is tyler’s right hand, and in my opinion the backbone of the crew.

hodgy beats released the dena tape last year free on and immediately became my favorite mc in the group. he reminds me of a young kanye, hungry and clever, attacking the beat like he’s got something to prove. i hear shades of eminem in the way hodgy violently attacks a verse, his voice often building to a near scream by the time he reaches the chorus.

hodgy made a few appearances on tyler the creator’s goblin record but it’s this months (re)released blackenedwhite with producer left brain that firmly puts hodgy on the map as an up and comer to watch. stylistically, the record is all over the map. there are the classic-odd-future-sounding shock value tracks like “64” and “gunsounds” balanced out with the expertly produced laid back cuts “loaded” and “rico” featuring frank ocean, another to watch out for. it’s a record i had no problem enjoying from front to back.  hodgy is true mc, a standout in the odd future pack of wolves.

they call themselves mellowhype, the record is blackenedwhite. get on board.

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