sincerely yours

atlanta’s ernest greene, aka washed out, is an unconventional singer/songwriter who finds inspiration in the 80’s and 90’s synth-pop that surely framed his young world. rather than re-hash what he grew up loving, he’s found a way to blissfully create his own brand of pop music that reminds me of what moby would sound like if he was way cooler or fatboy slim if he’d just calm the fuck down.

npr streamed his debut record, within and without, and i was instantly entranced. i listened to each song with a careful ear, trying to nail down where this sound was coming from.  sad, honest and energetic all at once, washed out seizes control almost as if bon iver was rocking a party with a mpc and a moog.  sounds terrible, i know, but somehow it all works and works beautifully.

the songs on within and without play out as a sound scape for something new age and fun, clean and fresh even though they’re draped in the influences of yesterday.  greene originally recorded songs alone in his bedroom for his 2009 life of leisure ep, but took a more natural approach to within and without employing a full band.  a good move for a man who will find himself on the road for much of this year.

here’s a little taste of what goes on in ernest greene’s head


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