simply put.

this is truly the best of both worlds. minneapolis hiphop collective doomtree presents wugazi, a scientific, chopped, interpreted and mashed up blend of fugazi, the kings of dc indie/punk/awesomeness and staten island’s untouchable shaolin crew, the wu tang clan. this is a music nerd’s dream come true. thank you doomtree.

ever since i heard dj z-trip’s uneasy listening vol. 1 (in my opinion the greatest mashup ever created), i was smitten with the mashup technique. there’s something about loving two genres of music enough to research, plan and manipulate it into something unique and all your own that i truly respect. there have been plenty of great mashups in the last few years. there’s the beatles/jay-z grey album, the nine inch nails/outkast project, the gym class heroes/hall and oates stuff….dj clinton sparks is constantly mashing up old rock and new hiphop records as is pittsburg’s girl talk but something about fugazi and the wu makes sense. it’s two groups who always seemed to stand left of the dial, yet still made a living on their own terms. can’t say enough about doomtree and their success on this project. they really killed it with this one. job well done.

this makes my day

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