just the tip

i’ve been so happily engrossed in the fantastic things going on in the world of hiphop that i’ve neglected that huge chunk of my soul that begs for drums and guitars. god dammit, i need noise in my life. thankfully, with some luck, the ability to read and the patience of the hunt, i’ve filled the void of noise with double dagger, the noisiest bunch of misfits i’ve heard since fugazi.

double dagger are an oddball trio of bass, drums and vocals. their live show is meant to be felt as much as heard. they mix the cacophony of sounds grinding from their instruments with the sweat and heartbeat of the crowd. there can be up to 100’s double dagger band mates at any show, because anyone in the room is in the family. interesting tidbit…the bassist runs four amps in order to match the intensity of the drums. wild style.

double dagger’s early stuff was noise based and lacked some of the song writing chops that are clearly present on 2009’s more and their 2010 ep masks. it seems they’ve settled into carrying the torch where the dc DIY bands like fugazi and el guapo left off. and thank god, because sometimes i need the sound of letting loose set to tape, and double dagger takes me there.


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