new queen of b-more

aaron lacrate is rooted deep in the culture of hiphop. he dj’s, produces, designs clothing…the man does it all. he’s as baltimore as the wire and his clothing line, milkcrate athletics, is creating a buzz, making the tee-shirt fun again…what’s my point? hiphop is alive and well in baltimore. my proof? lacrate’s diamond in the rough, mz. streamz.

mz. streamz is an mc poised for greatness behind the strength of her chameleon flow. she can do it all. she changes styles over club beats, washes her voice in autotune or murders fellow mc’s in the art of the battle (please youtube search her battles…she kills) and she’s just getting started. she’s a nod the days where a female mc could be playful, but serious enough to turn heads, like missy elliot. her mixtape, it’s alive hosted by the legendary fatman scoop is a fun romp through the handfuls of styles streamz seems to be wading through, looking for her signature sound. she’s young and has a ton of talent. here’s to hoping her proper full length captures what she’s about so the world can see.

click here for a download of 2011’s it’s alive


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