today, we celebrate our independence with cookouts, backyard keg parties, red white and blue budweiser cans and massive fireworks displays. july 4th. some people think it’s the best holiday on the calendar…and for some reason, i’m starting to agree.

rather than wax poetically on the reasons why i love the great u.s and a, i decided to choose a few key songs that might become the soundtrack to your afternoon, this sunny monday. they’re in no particular order and for some you might have to search for the patriotic flair, but it’s there…trust me. i was going to include them as some sort of download, but i’m being lazy.

if you like them, go to and download them for free…or spend the .99 cents (like a good american) over at apple and pick them up. either way, enjoy and happy 4th of july!

~SGH’s Fuck Yeah America/4th of July Mixtape~
1. Born Free- Kid Rock
2. Jack and Diane- John Mellencamp
3. American Pie- Don McLean
4. Freebird- Lynyrd Skynyrd
5. WTP- Eminem
6. Soul Food- Goodie Mob
7. I’m Free- The Rolling Stones
8. My Next Thirty Years- Tim McGraw
9. Redemption Song- Bob Marley
10. Hangin’ Tough- NKOTB

so there you have it…a few songs to celebrate the birth, life and excess of the greatest country in the world. raise a glass (or can of cheap beer), toast your mates and enjoy the holiday!


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