a different kind of anthem

brian fallon and ian perkins are the horrible crowes. brian fallon is the singer/guitarist/songwriter of the gaslight anthem, one of my favorite bands of the last few years. ian perkins, fallon’s guitar tech, is the man in the passenger seat of this new side project. i’m not sure if fallon is writing all the music and lyrics and perkins is playing on the record or vice-versa…but what i can tell you is this ain’t gaslight 2.0.

i think this project is fallon’s way of moving away from the frat boy following that’s plagued gaslight shows in the last year or two. the band’s popularity took off and since then their shows have been rather odd…i’ve heard these “new” gaslight crowds boo opening artists nearly off the stage. jesse malin got this treatment at terminal five during gaslight’s 59′ sound tour in nyc about two years ago. i never thought gaslight was about “the hits” so much as they were about playing what they love while we love it…

yet side projects can be iffy. they’re either taken too seriously as a departure from the original sound of the band/members, or they’re a joke..a way to kill time between records. i can’t call it with this horrible crowes stuff. fallon was quoted as saying “the record carries like a novel, there’s a beginning, an end, a fall from grace and a little salvation”. as it should be. i’m in.

check out the teaser for “black betty & the moon”…it’s pretty.

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