take it, or leave it alone

today is my birthday, and i’m feeling nostalgic. something’s got me thinking back to my days in college, a time when music was actually the driving force behind everything i did. pretty silly but those random soundtracks were what got me through the days. now that i’m busier, balancing more of life’s nonsense and trying to chip away at debt and my career, it’s easy to lose sight of how important good music can be.

that being said, i woke up with an old taking back sunday tune in my head. it was something off of tell all your friends, tbs’ “classic” (if they have such a thing) debut record. it’s a very time specific piece of music because the “emo” scene was really taking off. the music had all the aggression of punk, with the pop/soft rock sensibilities…the broken hearts, the headaches, the broken bottles etc.

that got me thinking about taking back sunday’s new self-titled album, set for a june 28th release, which features the original lineup with john nolan on guitar and vocals and shaun cooper on bass. in all honesty, i am not expecting much. they won’t reivent their sound, but i can’t help but wonder if they’ll push past it a bit. many people feel think the ship has sailed on these guys. but i’m not counting them out just yet. a few of the singles i’ve heard lead me to believe these guys have something new to say, even if it’s done in a way that sounds awfully familiar…


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