full of grace

mary mallon was the first carrier of the typhoid fever in america. she infected people as a cook in nyc. the disease was spread by not thoroughly washing your hands after using the facilities. gnarly.

aesop rock, rob sonic and dj big wiz pay tribute to mary with their conglomerate, hail mary mallon. it’s fitting these oddball indie hiphip maniacs would honor mary’s namesake, since their music is hard to pinpoint and sick as hell.

aesop and rob sonic are master wordsmiths. they’re a scrabble game on acid. imagine a mf doom b-side over a beastie’s instrumental locked in a windowless room full of sprayed raid. there’s something off about this record, and that’s why it’s so damn good. indie rap is a funny genre. it’s either backpacks or back slaps, most of the time too clearly one way or the other. hail mary mallon is a touch of both. it’s a carnival of strange, and totally worth the forty minutes it takes to digest. their rhymesayers debut are you gonna eat that? is hiphop. it’s wearing timbs and gold fronts, but carries a dictionary. punk rock.

i dig rob and aesop’s banter. good looks tatum.

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