evil meets evil

royce the 5’9 and eminem’s hell:the sequel is a powerful warning shot directed at the rap world. it’s clear. mc’s, producers, hype men…step your games up. if this album is an indication of what shady records has on deck, beware.

eminem is in rare form here. he spits the type of venom i haven’t heard from him in a few years. he’s not boxed in by the fake-wife beating horror or the joke-records of the past. instead, he’s out for blood, switching his styles and varying his flow as if he’s got an entire world to convince, and he’s up to the task.

detroit’s royce the 5’9 is shady’s partner in crime on hell:the sequel. if you’re not familiar with royce, he’s another sharp-tongued detroit spitter who’s goes way back with mr. mathers. royce is a member of slaughterhouse, the rap collective which features royce, crooked-i, joe budden and joell ortiz. they’re all signed to shady records along with alabama mc, yelawolf.

i’ve listened to a few of these tracks to death since getting my hands on the record yesterday. it’s music for hiphop fans. minus one pop-oriented potential chart climber “lighters” with bruno mars, it’s entirely made for your headphones. keeping up with em and royce trading verses is a workout. enjoy the ride.

2 thoughts on “evil meets evil

  1. i agree. royce and eminem are a fucking great combo. em sounds pretty mean here…and i LOVE that shout out to anal with nicki minaj…classic. hahah

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