fresh prynce

“let freedom ring from stone mountain of georgia”…and so goes the opening line from “ring bellz”, the first cut from cyhi the prynce’s royal flush mixtape. sampling mlk’s dream speech is a ballsy way to kick-start your album, but then again, that’s cyhi’s style. cyhi is a laid back mc from georgia, another up and comer on kanye’s good music label. nominated as one of xxl mag’s freshmen 11, he reminds me of jeezy with his drawn out delivery and streetwise hubris.

i first heard this kid rhyme on “so appalled” the killer crew-cut from kanye’s dark,twisted, sexy whatever the hell he called it. i knew cyhi was on his way. it never hurts to join forces with west, arguably hiphop’s most talented, if not its most egotistical player.

royal flush’s tracks vary from the strictly southern/t.i sounding “never again” to the triumphant “fast lane”, complete with the r&b flavored hook. cyhi knows what’s going to sell records, and it seems he’ll do it without compromising what he’s about. as always, i’m listening for originality, a flow that challenges the beat and something to say…on royal flush cyhi brings his a-game from front to back.

this video makes me smile. california looks like heaven.


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