thick lizzy…

supergroups aren’t supposed to work. you remember velvet revolver right? or audioslave? they’re usually a mess..too many influences, massive egos. it’s a recipe for rock and roll cliché. and i have to admit, when hearing of the damned things, three parts anthrax-two parts fall out boy- and two parts every time i die, i was hesitant. i figured here comes another piece of shit, over produced, poorly conceived trainwreck of a project. nope.

the band doesn’t sound like anything each member has done before. rather than any one member dominating the sound you catch bits and pieces from every angle. you can definitely hear the aggression of anthrax’s dual guitar onslaught, but hidden in there is the hook-friendly riff/chorus of any great fall out boy single. every time i die’s keith buckley handles the vocals, and what you get isn’t his usual throaty growl, instead he’s intent on leading the band like a classic rock front man. etid’s josh newton handles the bass while FOB’s andy hurley pounds the drums. somehow, it all makes sense.

i’ve been playing their debut record ironiclast to death for the past few days. it pounds like the soundtrack to a very sleazy house party. it’s equal parts hardcore and classic rock. buckley’s vocal are meant to slither and slide all over the place. it seems like the damned things want to party, they want to rock and roll, but they want you to see this as more than a silly side project. no problem boys. i’m on board with a pack of reds and a cold case. summer never sounded like so much trouble.


2 thoughts on “thick lizzy…

  1. i came across them because they’re on the cover of inked this month. the record is awesome.

    i aim to make you smile, master of the darkness.

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