california love

i plan on sleeping a lot this summer. i’ll get up when i stir…have something to eat, go to the gym…i’ll keep busy. but i won’t work. with all that free time, i’ll need a soundtrack. this afternoon i heard a single called “pumped up kicks” that made me perk right up. a little digging lead me to foster the people. their fantastic album, torches was released today. summer, we’ve found our soundtrack.

foster the people sound like a giant, digital-pop stew made of some choice ingredients. i hear a touch of the killers, a heaping dose of mgmt, a bit of broken social scene and some of ups commercial darlings, the postal service. slowly stir all that up and leave it out in the los angeles sunshine, and you have foster the people. the happiest sounding band i’ve heard in ages.

what impresses me the most about foster the people is the amount of moving parts they have during a live performance. at any given time you’ll see and hear piano, synths, mpc’s, bass, drums, guitars. all that proves these guys are well-versed in their craft, and even more impressive, they’re flawlessly rehearsed. check out “houdini” and see what i mean…

can i get a side of passion pit please?

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