welcome back

i went and bought a $100 red and orange sunburst washburn guitar after hearing “blind” by face to face ten years ago. i sat and listened to that song over and over again, trying to teach myself the chord progression. i couldn’t read music, i couldn’t write it either…but i could hear it. and something about that song made me want to learn.

while everyone knows mainstream california punk bands like blink 182, the offspring, rancid, bad religion etc, etc, people aren’t always up on face to face. face to face is from victorville, california. they have been around since the early 90’s and they’ve released 7 albums with a revolving door of players all centered around front man trever keith. they play hard-nosed punk rock that reminds me of a cross between hot water music and the street dogs. they sound familiar, like that bar band you’ve heard a million times before, but you love anyway. it’s the type of music you relate to your life, as if the songs are meant for your own personal soundtrack.

face to face’s new record laugh now laugh later is excellent. it’s the sound of a band getting back to basics and leaning on the sound that put them on the map. they might not make you laugh like blink 182, or dance like rancid, but they will provide you that perfect background music for whatever’s going on between your ears.

click and check out “it’s not all about you”. this takes me back to dirty bars and long nights on lark street.


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