condition: slightly used…

disclaimer:  i love sublime.  40 oz. to freedom is one of my favorite records of ALL TIME.  they make me happy regardless.  they’re just one of those bands that i have always enjoyed, from high school to now.  which brings me to now.

following brad’s death, bud and eric (the surviving members of sublime) tried their hand with new projects, most notably the longbeach dub all-stars, but something wasn’t right.  the vibe was happy, the hooks were massive and fun, but it just seemed to miss its mark.  up pops rome, some kid who played the hell out of his guitar and sounded eerily like brad.  after some talk, some blog hate, a tiny touch of love, and a lawsuit later, sublime is back.

this time, we’re not calling it sublime or sublime version 2.o, we’re calling it sublime with rome.  and here’s why i’m fully on board with this project.  sublime with rome is not a get rich quick scam.  it’s not to tarnish the legacy of the late bradley nowell, who by the way was a raging heroin addict (rest his soul).  sublime with rome exists because bud and eric love to play music.  they love to play the music that put them on the map, but even more importantly, they want to share new music with the people.  and rome is the new lead man to do exactly that.

yes, they’ll play sublime songs live..and what’s wrong with that?  close your eyes…rome sounds like brad.  and plays his instrument better.  they also have a new record on the way, and if the new single “panic” is any indication, it’s going to be a fucking blast.  so do yourself a favor.  relax, let the past go…enjoy the new incarnation of something you once loved and just go with it.  or, tune it out.  haters.

click and check out the new single and promo.  this rome kid has some talent…


3 thoughts on “condition: slightly used…

  1. You’ve been talking about the new sublime and after reading the post I’m going to check out the promo tonight. Job well done you sold me on it! Keep up the good work

  2. I’ve been listening to Sublime probably around 10 years (Since I was in school) and I never knew the lead guy was dead!
    After reading all about it, I am now inspired to listen to a whole bunch of Sublime on the way home from work tonight! And I will definatley be checking out this new promo.

  3. to that dude who asked me to stop “pimping” my site on punknews…nope. don’t click the link. or tell all your friends to click it and leave nasty messages. either way, i win.

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