youth and young manhood

a few months ago i posted about an LA rap collective called odd future.  admittedly, i was late to the party on these cats.  by the time i spoke my mind, i was already reading about them in the big music rags and witnessing explosive performances on late night tv.

fast forward to may 2011.  for the past few weeks tyler, the creator (mastermind behind the whole odd future movement and pretty clever mc) has been attacking twitter with messages, both relevant and completely nonsensical relating to his upcoming record, his crew on tour in europe and anything else that twitches between his ears.  needless to say, the buzz around his debut record goblin is massive.  kanye and diddy have both suggested that tyler is the “future” of the hiphop game, placing an awfully heavy weight on the shoulders of a 19-year-old skater and a giant bullseye on his back for the haters…and there will be plenty.

it’s odd future’s mix of DIY attitude and reckless disregard for what’s acceptable that has kids all over the country going nuts for a bunch of ragtag teenage skateboarders from california.  it’s impossible to label tyler’s style or sound.  goblin’s songs range from the demented “transylvania” with a haunting piano loop and baby voice sample to the gritty “burgers”, a duet with odd future right hand man hodgy beats.   “tron cat” is trademark tyler, a four-minute romp through his eerie, violent mind, chock full of witty wordplay complimented with jittery drums and goofy synthesizers that wouldn’t sound out of place in a rob zombie film score. 

goblin is a wild ride.  it follows tyler’s dialogue with his shrink as they explore life, instant fame and the absent father that fueled tyler to go for his, even when he’d rather be swinging from the rafters.  that’s the beauty and the problem with the record.  it’s all over the place.  when tyler is going hard in an attempt to silence the both the hate and the hype, he’s on point.  unfortunately when he lets some of his crew crash the party, the record drags. 

all in all, this is an ambitious, chaotic, album that foreshadows what tyler, the creator and odd future have the potential to be.  as for right now, they’re the most talented bunch of up and coming mc’s in the game.  they’re young, hungry and determined to turn heads.  so far, so good.

click and check out “burger”. when this kid dials it in, he’s a monster.


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