man child

jeru the damaja.  guru and premier.  buckshot.  nas.  jay-z.  new york city is the undisputed home of hiphop. the most amazing street poets that have ever lived were born and raised in the five boroughs.  rae and ghost.  rakim.  krs-one.  chuck d.   you get the picture. 

queens, i’d like thank you for providing the backdrop for action bronson’s electric narratives on dr. lecter, one of the most spectacular records i’ve heard in a minute.  if you know me, you know that rappers need a brain to impress me.  they have to string their syllables together in a way that make my eyebrows raise.  i love being overwhelmed by a lyricist.  i need that verbal stimulation.  action bronson flat out spits it.  i’ve had this record for an hour and a half and i’ve listened to “shiraz”, “get off the p.p” and “ronnie coleman” a half-dozen times each.  action bronson’s flow is effortless. it’s as if his lyrics are extensions of his common conversations.

nyc stand up.  your concrete landscape has provided us with another tremendous mc.  the world isn’t ready for action bronson, but he’s coming.

click and check out “shiraz”.  it takes me back to 93.  thank god for the boom bap.

get up and get the record at or itunes.


2 thoughts on “man child

  1. Really glad I came across a link to your blog on punknews because I probably wouldn’t have come across this dude until much, much later. Dope video. NYC at its finest. Great blog too, btw.

  2. thanks for the support. i was shocked that action bronson has only been rapping for a few years. he’s a talented dude.

    keep reading and spread the word!

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