i agree, it’s casual

i get comfortable with certain bands, certain sounds.  i loved maritime’s last album, heresy & the hotel choir so much that i never bothered to follow-up and see what was next from this veteran dc/milwaukee crew.  i was perfectly content to hit repeat on songs like “aren’t we all found out” and “guns of navarone”.  they’re infectious. 

i came across a review of maritime’s new record human hearts and immediately jumped on itunes to pick it up.  there is a slight difference between heresy and human hearts.  there’s a maturity to the new record that leaves some of the punk influence at the door and instead explores the more pop oriented, fun sound of the 80’s.  relax, there’s no key-tar or casios here, but there is a lighter, more playful edge to songs like “air arizona” and “out numbering”. 

think built to spill mixed with nada surf, now mix in some early cure.  not bad company whatsoever.

can’t follow my obnoxious, name-dropping (due to my lack of creativity) comparisons?  just give maritime a spin, they’ll help you smile. check out the video for “paraphernalia”. 



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