she beats the drum

k flay is kristine flaherty from chicago.  she sings and raps, but unlike most female mcs/divas she creates her soundscapes from the ground up.  female producers aren’t too common in the hiphop world…welcome ms. flay.

her music is electronic.  it’s clever.  it’s tongue-in-cheek.  it’s also really good.  her style is a tight mash-up of hiphop and electronics.  it’s clearly informed by indie rock, without the cosby sweater and large, dark-rimmed glasses.  i’m impressed with her effortless delivery and smart word play.

i came across her write-up in the newest issue of ghettoblaster magazine (yes it’s called that, don’t judge, just go to and immediately downloaded her 2010 self-titled ep on itunes.  it’s a blast. 

click and listen to “so fast, so maybe”.  she’s got a little bit of flow…

nevermind, watch this instead.


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