forget me not

ocala, florida’s a day to remember make me feel like it’s 2002 all over again.  they take two styles of music that (at times in my life) i loved and make it one big, silly mess.  imagine if new found glory and killswitch engage had a love child.  that heartbroken, whiny-chorus singing, metal breakdown, mosh pit loving kid would be a day to remember.

they don’t take themselves too seriously how could they when their sound is referred to as popmosh which is fantastic considering their music should channel your innermost 19 year old struggling to make heads or tails of a love gone wrong…the angst!  the pain!  the camo-shorts and bandanas!

all fronting aside.  i wore the camo shorts, *ed. note: i never wore any sort of bandana*, i went to all the shows, i was deeply into the “emo” scene…hence the reason i thoroughly enjoyed a day to remember’s newest record what separates me from you.  it’s a nostalgic throwback to semi-violent pits where the kids, though whiffing punches past your face were merely “dancing”.  it takes me back to a place where we wore our coolest, black band tee shirt and hovered around the edge of the frenzy until the song moved us enough to go flailing into the mix.

so squeeze yourself into the tightest jeans you’ve got, click and check out “all i want”.  if you can name 3 cameo appearances, i’ll give you ten bucks 😉


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