austin city cool

you don’t have to be sad to love the blues.  in fact, hearing austin’s gary clark jr. for the first time made me ecstatic.  holy shit.  this is no gimmick.  this is no throwback.  this isn’t jack white’s take on something “vintage”.  gary clark jr. is the honest to goodness, real deal.

clark jr. plays a mean blues guitar.  i could list the influences i hear in his style, but i won’t name names.   guitar players are all unique for a reason.  i will say this.  he plays the blues unlike anything i’ve heard in contemporary music.  oh, he also has a gorgeous 60’s falsetto-soul croon that you haven’t heard since the last time you spun a temptations 45 (if you doubt me, download “please come home”).  to sweeten the pot, it’s clear he’s a avid hiphop lover, as evidenced in tracks like “the life” and “things are changing”.

his self-titled 2010 ep is on itunes for seven bucks.  money well spent.  real talk.

click and check out gary clark jr. killing it at clapton’s crossroads fest in 2010…


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