paper plane gang

i spent the last week in miami.  south beach is a trip.  i split my time between laying in the sun, reading a ton of music mags and listening to kush and orange juice the tremendous “break through” mixtape from mr. young wiz khalifa.

critics (and trust me, at first i was one) say wiz is a one-trick pony.  too much weed.  weed this, smoke that, high again etc etc etc.  the great thing about wiz is just that.  he looks high, because he is high.  like a young snoop dogg, wiz functions nearly 24/7 in a lifted state of mind, and there’s nothing to hide.  he is what he is, take it or leave it.

his major label debut, rolling papers, is a bit too-polished, which is understandable since he’s working on a major now and has suits to please.  but don’t confuse major label for selling out because wiz is doing his thing just like he was back on flight school his mixtape from 2009.

while i was walking down collins avenue on miami beach yesterday in search of a spanish cafe with empanadas for sale, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  wiz khalifa is the real deal, and he’s managed to convince atlantic records to take a risk on the kid with the glassy eyes.  be certain wiz is flying high, all the way to the bank.

click below and check out “roll up”, the lead single from his debut rolling papers


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