as cool as lester

lester bangs.  he was one cool mother.  if you don’t know lester bangs, do some research.  the lads before you today play music under the heading, royal bangs and they hail from knoxville, tennessee.  the tie that binds?  they both rock. hard.

i’m drawn to these guys because they remind me of a few great bands, les savy fav, lcd soundsystem, and beck.  they’ve got energy, they are technically sound, and they play with everything out on the line.  if i had to guess, i’d say their shows are raucous events with tons of edgy sounding songs that beg you to dance.  but the hipster kids in skinny jeans won’t do it.  they’re too worried about the wisps of hair poking out from under the straight brims of their fitted caps, trying desperately to nurse their four dollar cans of pbr while they tap toes to the beat.

do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of their new record flux outside. it’s ok to dance along, nobody is watching.  click below and check out the letterman performance of “fireball”.  good stuff.


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