dj hero

gregg gillis, aka girl talk, is a dj from pittsburgh.  let me rephrase that.  girl talk is the best dj in pittsburgh.  in fact, gillis might be the best dj in the world.  deadmaus does his thing.  ztrip is the OG of the mash-up.  clinton sparks is dope.  but girl talk, this dude is unreal.  he puts 20 or 30 samples into a 3 minute track, and never once loses the listener.  there’s no chaos or confusion.  there’s nothing going on but a funky ass dance party.

all praises due to mcquack for dropping girl talk into my lap.  i was sitting at the bar sipping a virgin colada in a flashing neon martini glass nodding my head to what i thought was “cruel summer” by bananarama.  then without skipping a beat rick ross was rhyming over the top.  before i could blink it flipped again and lil’ kim and the lost boyz were killing a jackson five track.  i was hooked.

do yourself a favor.  purchase, download, do what you need to do to get a hold of all day or feed the animals by girl talk.  they are tremendously creative mash-up records.  you will shake your ass….you’ve been warned.

click and check out “this is the remix”…..nothing can save ya.


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